We are currently recruiting junior faculty mentors and candidates for 2016-2017. Visit this page to get involved.

To protect the privacy of job candidates, we keep their participation confidential. However, the group of 2015-2016 junior faculty mentors are:

Name Institution Area of Specialization Ph.D.
Adriel Trott Wabash Ancient, Continental Villanova
Alexandra King Buffalo SUNY Metaethics, Ethics, Aesthetics Brown
Amanda Greene UCL Political/Legal, Ethics, Ancient Stanford
Amelia Hicks Kansas State Moral Notre Dame
Amia Srinvasan UCL Epistemology, Ethics Oxford
Andreja Novakovic UC Riverside 19th Century Columbia University
Benedicte Veillet Michigan-Flint Phil of Mind Maryland College Park
Cailin Marie O’Connor UC Irvine Phil of sci; Evolutionary game theory; Decision theory UC Irvine
Candice Delmas Northeastern Ethics; Phil of law Boston
Chloe Armstrong Lawrence Early Modern Michigan
Elanor Taylor Iowa State Metaphysics; Phil of Sci; Phil of Mind UNC Chapel Hill
Elizabeth Goodnick MSU Denver Early Modern; Phil of Religion Michigan
Emily A. Austin Wake Forest Ancient; Moral Psychology Washington St. Louis
Emily Fletcher Wisconsin-Madison Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Toronto
Emily Parker Towson Moral and Political; Continental Emory
Ericka Tucker Marquette Early Modern; Social and Political Emory
Erin Beeghly Utah Ethics, Political, Moral Psychology UC Berkeley
Gina Schouten Illinois State Social/Political, Ethical Theory, Feminism, Phil of edu Wisconsin-Madison
Hayley Clatterbuck Rochester Phil of sci, Phil of cog sci Wisconsin, Madison
Heather Logue Leeds Phil of mind; Epistemology MIT
Heidi Chamberlin Giannini Hope College Ethics, Kant, History of Phil Baylor
Heidi Savage SUNY Geneseo Phil of language; Metaphysics Maryland
Helen De Cruz VU Amsterdam Phil of cog sci Groningen
Helen Yetter-Chappell Univ. of York (UK) Phil of mind Princeton
Helena de Bres Wellesley Political; Moral, Legal MIT
Hilde Lindemann Michigan State Bioethics, Feminist Ethics, Moral Fordham
Huaping Lu-Adler Georgetown Kant, Early Modern UC Davis
Jamie Ahlberg Univ. of Florida Political, Ethics Wisconsin
Janum Sethi Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor Kant, Early Modern UC Berkeley
Jennifer A. Frey Univ. of South Carolina Action, Ethics, Meta-Ethics, History Pittsburgh
Jennifer Kling Siena Heights University Social and Political, Ethics, Feminism, Medieval North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Jennifer Rothschild Univ. of Florida Ethics, History of Ethics, Moral Psychology, Ancient Chicago
Joyce C. Havstad Oakland Phil of science UC San Diego
Julia Jorati Ohio State Early Modern Yale
Julia Nefsky Univ. of Toronto Ethics UC Berkeley
Julia Staffel Washington Univ. in St. Louis Epistemology USC
Julie Walsh Wellesley History of Modern Philosophy Western Ontario
Kate Nolfi The Univ. of Vermont Epistemology, Metanormative theory UNC Chapel Hill
Kate Ritchie City College Of New York, CUNY Metaphysics, Phil of Language, Social Ontology, Phil of Mind, Logic, Semantics Texas, Austin
Kathryn Lindeman Saint Louis Univ. Ethics, Metaethics Pittsburgh
Katrina Elliott UCLA Phil of science; Metaphysics UNC
Krisanna Sheiter Union College Ancient; Phil of Emotion; Ethics Pennsylvania
Krista Thomason Swarthmore Moral, Kant, Political Illinois
Kristen Irwin Loyola Modern; Phil of Religion UC-San Diego
Kristina Gehrman Univ. of Tennessee Ethics, Meta-ethics, Value Theory, Action UCLA
Kristina Meshelski California State, Northridge Political Virginia
Lisa Miracchi Univ. of Pennsylvania Phil of mind, action, language, cog sci; Epistemology Rutgers
Magdalena Balcerak Jackson Univ. of Miami Phil of Mind, Epistemology, Philosophical Methodology Cologne, Germany
Marina Folescu Univ. of Missouri History of Modern Philosophy; Phil of language and mind Southern California
Marta Jimenez Emory Ancient; Moral and Political, Moral Psychology, Theory of Action Toronto
Mavis Biss Loyola Univ. Maryland Ethics, Kant, Feminist Philosophy UW Madison
Meghan Sullivan Notre Dame Metaphysics, Phil of Religion, Practical Reason Rutgers
Melinda Hall Stetson Bioethics, Continental, Social and Political Vanderbilt Univ.
Molly Gardner Bowling Green State Normative Ethics, Applied Ethics Wisconsin-Madison
Myrto Mylopoulos Carleton Phil of mind, Phil of action, Phil of cog sci Graduate Center, CUNY
Nora Berenstain Univ. of Tennessee Phil of Science, Metaphysics Univ. of Texas
Rachel McKinnon College of Charleston Epistemology, Phil of Language, Feminism Univ. of Waterloo
Rebecca Mason Univ. of San Francisco Metaphysics; Feminist Philosophy and Phil of language. Northwestern Univ.
Rebekkah Williams Minnesota State (at) Mankato Ethical Theory, Social/Political, Applied Ethics Wisconsin-Madison
Robin Zebrowski Beloit College Cog Sci; Phil of Artificial Intelligence, Phil of Mind Oregon
Rosa Terlazzo Kansas State Univ. Social and Political; Ethics The Australian National Univ.
Sara Bernstein Duke Metaphysics Arizona
Sara L. Uckelman Durham Logic, Phil of Language, Medieval Phil Amsterdam
Sara Protasi Univ. of Puget Sound Moral psychology, Ethics Yale
Sarah Hansen Cal State Northridge Continental Phil, Feminist Philosophy Vanderbilt
Sarah Jansen Carleton Ancient Greek Philosophy UCLA
Sarah Paul UW-Madison and MIT Phil of Action, Phil of Mind Stanford
Sarah Robins Kansas Phil of Mind/Psych/Cog Sci, Phil of Science; Moral Psychology. Washington University in St. Louis
Sari Kisilevsky Queens College CUNY Phil of Law, Ethics Univ. of Toronto
Serene Khader Brooklyn College and CUNY Grad Center Political Philosophy; Feminist Philosophy Stony Brook
Simona Aimar UCL Ancient, Metaphysics Oxford
Sindhuja Bhakthavatsalam California State Univ., Northridge Phil of Science UC San Diego
Sophie Horowitz Rice Epistemology MIT
Suzy Killmister Connecticut Social and Political; Action Theory Univ. of Melbourne
Tina Rulli UC Davis Normative Ethics, Bioethics Yale
Verena Erlenbusch Memphis Social and Political, Contemporary European Philosophy Sussex
Yasemin J Erden UC Davis Phil of Mind, Phil of Science Bristol, UK
Zoe Drayson St Mary’s University Interdisciplinary work with science and technology Roehampton

The group of 2014-2015 junior faculty mentors were:

Name Institution Area of Specialization Ph.D.
Jaime Ahlberg Florida Ethics, Political Wisconsin-Madison
Emily Austin Wake Forest Ancient Washington Univ.
Sara Bernstein Duke Metaphysics Univ. of Arizona
Lara Buchak UC-Berkeley Choice Theory, Religion, Epistemology Princeton
Helena de Bres Wellesley Political MIT
Heather Demarest Oklahoma Metaphysics, PhilScience Rutgers
Daniela Dover UCLA Ethics NYU
Katrina Elliott UCLA PhilScience North Carolina
Emily Fletcher Wisconsin-Madison Ancient Toronto
Jennifer Frey South Carolina Action, Ethics, Metaethics Pittsburgh
Corinne Gartner Wellesley Ancient Princeton
Kristina Gehrman Tennessee Ethics, Action Theory, Value Theory UCLA
Amanda Greene Univ. of Chicago Political Stanford
Marta Jimenez Emory Ancient Toronto
Jennifer Lockhart Auburn 19th Century Univ. of Chicago
Carla Merino-Rajme Arizona State Mind, Metaphysics Princeton
Lisa Miracchi Univ. of Pennsylvania Mind, CogSci, Epistemology Rutgers
Sarah Paul Wisconsin-Madison Mind, Action Stanford
Kristin Primus Georgetown Early Modern Princeton
Jennifer Rothschild Florida Ethics, Moral Psych Univ. of Chicago
Gina Schouten Illinois State Political Wisconsin
Julia Staffel Washington Univ. Epistemology USC
Meghan Sullivan Notre Dame Metaphysics Rutgers
Jennifer Wang Stanford Metaphysics Rutgers
Helen Yetter-Chappell York Mind Princeton